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SCM EliTe Spinning System “Madras Yarn” Compact Yarns represents a promising impulse

Keeping pace with modernization and rapid technological development in the field of ring spinning, SCM has introduced yet another value added product SCM EliTe Compact yarn.

Properties of compact yarn compared with that of conventional yarn
With compact spinning, yarn strength is higher by about 15% and elongation at break by about 20%. Compact Spun yarns also have better abrasion resistance of about 25%. Fabric properties in terms of breaking strength, breaking elongation and tear strength are also better with compact yarn.


  • Due to low hairiness, low pilling tendency ensures good wear behaviour.
  • Due to low twist, absorbency of dye also increases which means less dye consumption.
  • Body twist is also minimized, which is a common problem in ring spun yarn.
  • The abrasion of yarn is also about 25% lower.

  • This results in better running properties and improved quality. Since fiber fly and oil cannot combine to form clumps of fly, which are occasionally knitted into the fabric and can cause thread & needle breaks, the wear on guide elements, needles and sinkers is reduced as a result of the lower residual dust content of compact yarn.

    Clinging tendency of compact yarn displays considerable fewer & less pronounced clinging phenomena. Due to lower clinging tendency of yarn, it leads to improvement in separability of the warp. This reduces the cost of sizing and subsequent desizing, at the same time, resulting in lesser environment pollution.

    Despite the lower degree of sizing, thread break rates are lower, which significantly improves efficiency, fabric appearance and a more brilliant lustre.

    The higher stretch recovery is also retained in the finished fabric. This is a great advantage, especially in shirting fabrics with non- iron finish since losses in strength of up to 50% can be caused by this finishing process.

    In printed fabrics, due to special yarn structure of compact yarn, it results in better dye take –up, therefore retaining their attractive appearance even after frequent washing. The smoother surface structure of the yarn has a generally positive impact on the optical final appearance of the fabric. The higher colour brilliance of piece- dyed articles is more than ring Spun yarn and results in an attractive final fabric appearance. The above advantages are observed practically in bulk production in Air Jet weaving applications.

    SCM EliTe compact yarn

    Other than yarn hairiness, other yarn parameters such as Strength, Elongation, IPI and Uniformity are also better than ring Spun yarn and these advantages can also be exploited in down stream processing.
  • Strength 15 ~ 20% better
  • Uniformity 10 ~ 20% better
  • IPI 60 ~ 70% better
  • Hairiness 15 ~ 20% better

  • Raw Material and Product
    SCM EliTe compact yarns are being produced from Indian cotton like Shankar, MCU-5 with imported cotton blend with Gize and PIMA.

    Count Range
    30/1 to 80/1 and 40/2 120/2 for both weaving and knitting applications.

    Customer relationship
    Our motto is to provide the best quality, reasonable price, prompt shipment at right time.
    Our experience technocrats have regular touch with all our customers. A periodical visit to customer after sales to customer’s factory is carried out for personal interaction towards better understanding.

    A Word of Conclusion
    The advantages of SCM EliTe yarns can be economically utilized in a variety of ways.